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How to Join

If you would like to find out more about the Magnet Netball Club and/or organise a TRIAL or ASSESSMENT session for your daughter, please can you complete the CONTACT FORM which will be received by the Membership Secretary.

The Membership Secretary will arrange for a trial/assessment as is applicable or will be able to offer your daughter a place immediately or your daughter's name will be placed on a waiting list.

If you would like to verify where you are on a waiting or ask a question then please contact:

- The Membership Secretary by email on CLICK HERE


No jewellery of any kind may be worn. Tape covering earrings will not be permitted. No sharp clips or bulldog clips maybe worn in the hair only flat hair clips acceptable. No fitbits, no watches, bangles or hairbands around wrist.

We recommend that any player wishing to have their ears pierced do so at the beginning of the summer break in readiness for the start of training in Sept.

If you have agreed the date of your trial/assessment session or already completed an assessment/taster session then please print off the necessary forms below, fill them out and give them to your netball coach at your first training session.


Please Note: We currently only train competition squads from U11's to U19's

The documents below DO NOT NEED TO BE PRINTED or SIGNED but they do need to be READ before you should sign the applicable Registration Form.

If you decide to join then there are two payments that will need to be made:

Termly Session Fees & Membership Fees - These are paid directly into the club funds the term you join and are used to cover running costs e.g. replacement bibs, umpire expenses, new equipment, uniform hire, league fees, affiliation fees, medals and end of term gifts/sweets.