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Trainers - What's Correct?


The right shoes for the job

We cannot stress more to parents about the importance of wearing good footwear/trainers for netball.

If the correct footwear is worn your daughter will be able to achieve much more.

Here are some DO and DON'T about netball trainers.

  1. DO NOT BUY running shoes - they do not have the correct support and cushioning for jumping and pivoting.
  2. DO NOT BUY trainers with velco fastenings - you cannot tighten up the trainer sufficiently to help support the ankle and therefore avoiding twisted ankle
  3. DEFINITELY NO flat based soles please ! It is extremely hard to pivot and move your foot in the correct way for netball. Look for the break under the arch to allow freedom of the foot moving up and down and around.

DO BUY these sorts of Trainers: