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Training Camps Available

When we are on a netball break during the school holidays or half term it is always good to continue with some extra training and also gain experience from different coaching within the Berkshire/Buckinghamshire/Surrey area.

These camps can be very exciting and rewarding to participate in.

Please find below links to

2018 Netball Training Camps

All Year Camps

NETDEV Coaching Company - 30th May Masterclass at the Marist

NETDEV Masterclasses - These are organised by Sophia Candappa and are currently only advertised by TWITTER please follow and check the @net_dev twitter account. 

Surrey Storm Easter Netball Camps Yr 3 - Yr 12   

Netball Fever Netball Camps 2018

England Netball Youth Summer Netball Camps 2018 Ages 9 - 16

Team Bath Summer Camps 2018

Net-it Elite Coaching for All 2018

Mavericks Netball Camps 2018

Woodley Netball Club Camps 2018

Wasps Netball Camps 2018

EGNA Netball Academy 2018

NOTE: If anyone finds any other camps not listed please let me know and I will happily add to the list.