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Update your existing ENGAGE Membership

Hi Everyone,

Please can you update your England Netball membership asap and definitely by 3rd September 2023 for the new season.

Please note: You will not be able to play or train after 31st August 2023 until this is paid.

You can see the link on the Home Page of our Web Site.

Here are some instructions that may help, they are designed for PARENTS:

Please follow this link to login into ENGAGE and pay for England Netball 2023/2024 Membership

PARENT: You will need your England Netball ID and Password. (You would have recently received an email from AENA reminding you of your Engage Number)

When you first log in you will see ‘My Organisations’ in the middle column and you and the name(s) of your children in the club in the left hand column under ‘My Family’.

Select your Childs name (that you want to buy the membership for) and make sure that their name is in large letters along the banner.

Now look under ‘My Organisations’ again.

You should see:

Primary Club’


Youth Member 2022 – 2023

Towards the right of this box you should see ‘BUY MEMBERSHIP’ in a black box and ‘ACTIVE MEMBER’ in a green box


This should take you to a ‘Available Memberships’ page

Select the ‘Appropriate Membership for your daughter’s age ‘

Choices are:

U11, (yr 6 & Yr 7) £7

Individual must be less than 12 years old

U14, (yr 8, 9 & 10) £10

Individual must be more than 11 years old

Individual must be less than 15 years old

U18 (yr 11,12, &13] £18

Individual must be more than 14 years old

Individual must be less than 19 years old

Weirdly the next screen may say ‘NO MEMBERSHIPS’ in RED or show your ‘2022-23 Membership’ !!

Ignore this and look at your BASKET, it should shows a ‘1’ next to it. Its further up the page on the right hand side, next to the CHECKOUT box.

Select the ‘BASKET’ and this will allow you to pay for the new season 2023/2024 membership.

NOTE: Please make sure it says 2023 – 2024.

There should be no extra fees this year for South Region for Berkshire, so the fees first shown should be the fee you are charged.

Select the ‘CHECKOUT’ box, top right, next to the ‘Clear Basket’ box.

Then on a new page

Tick the ‘Membership Product Waiver’ box on the left

And select the ‘ONLINE’ option on the right, check your address details are as your card and then Select the black ‘PAY NOW’ box.

This takes you to a new page where you can add your card details and select the ‘MAKE PAYMENT ‘ black box.

Then you should receive a Payment Reference on a green background and also you will receive a confirmation email.

Select view receipt or finish when you are ready



Go back to your dashboard (go to top extreme right hand side of the screen) and you will see a small circle, may have a photo if you have added it and a small downward arrow. Click and select Dashboard. You can also logout here as well.

When at the dashboard and under ‘My Organisations’ - Re-select your child's name - you will see 3 little vertical dots next to your child’s entry.

You should just see:



Youth Member 2023 – 2024 and 2022-2023

Click these 3 dots and select MAKE PRIMARY.