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AENA Affiliation Fees

What is an Affiliation Fee?

England Netball is a club based organisation and membership is obtained via a registered club.

When you join as an individual you get a great package of benefits and the ability to connect with over 1 million netballers across England.

Being affiliated is a requirement to play in most competition based leagues and tournaments.

When you affiliate you will be given a unique 'Membership Number' which can be used for the rest of your netball career. Therefore you would use the same number even if you changed clubs.

Membership Benefits

England Netball Insurance

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Club Affiliation

Magnet Netball Club is your registered club and our AENA Id no is:


The club will automatically affiliate each member (providing you are in one of the competition squads) at the beginning of each Sept and any new players during the season can be affiliated as required.

When you first affiliate (normally in Yr 5) you will be required to complete the 'AENA Under 16 Registration Form' which must be returned to your coach or Sally Gray before you can be affiliated. It can be scanned in when completed and emailed to magnetnetballclub@gmail.com if this is easier.

- Registration Form under 16

There are however different registration forms for different ages.

- Registration Form 16 & 17

- Registration Form 18 & OVER

The affiliation fees are included in your Yearly (Club) Membership Fees.