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2nd Hand Trainers


As our players get older they have probably gone through netball trainers at an alarming rate over the last few years!

As many parents may not have younger girls to pass them onto, you can end up with good netball trainers with life left in them that you don't necessarily want to put in a shoe bank, into landfill or the charity shop. Some will be good brand netball specific trainers.

Magnets want to let you know that any netball trainers that have playing life left in them, or are too small for your child, please drop them into the club as we would like to put them to good use!! Whilst coaching the younger ones, some children who are new to netball or maybe cannot afford netball specific trainers could put these secondhand trainers to use right now.

To raise a bit of cash for the club we would offer them out to the younger girls parents at a small cost.

Any trainers gratefully received, just bring them to Sally Gray or Sarah Elton on a Wednesday and we will ensure they are put into our trainer box in our netball cupboard.

Thank you