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Training - COVID-19 - Club Procedures

Training - COVID-19 - Club Procedures


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Notes from Zoom Meetings

Whilst we are operating during the current COVID-19 Pandemic we must ALL, as a club, work together to minimize the possible spread of COVID-19.

We must ensure that we operate and follow, without exception, all the rules applicable to general social distancing and netball requirements in accordance with England Netball and Government guidelines.

This includes any player, coach, official and/or parent or other carer of a member of the club whilst they are a) on the way to a training session or match or b) attending a training session or c) leaving a venue.

1. Health Declaration Form

In order for anyone to be able to participate in any club netball activity you must firstly complete a Health Declaration Form and send a scanned copy to the appropriate COVID-19 what's app group. Then before each new activity that member must send a statement to the same whats app group with the words <Name of Person> - No Change.

If you cannot state 'No change' then the child MUST NOT attend the activity again until they have fulfilled the self isolation rule that applies.

. Track & Trace

It is essential that every participant of a netball session completes the EN Track & Trace system, before they attend a training session, using the England Netball QR code login. For older players with mobiles, this they can do themselves, for younger players we suggest that you print a copy and keep it in your car so that it can be completed on the parents mobile once your daughter has passed the temperature check successfully.

IMPORTANT - Please make sure you enter your FULL NAME, not a nickname or known as name.

Magnets QR Code

3. Training

No specific training kit needs to be worn, but we do require that all kit is washed after every training session to prevent the risk of infection spreading. Girls must have appropriate netball trainers (please check they fit and have a good tread still!), no jewellery or taped earrings, short nails and hair up.

All players must bring the following with them to the session:

• Size 5 netball, pumped up & ready to play

• Disinfectant wipes

• Hand sanitiser (alcohol gel)

• Small first aid kit, containing plasters, tissues, nail file, spare hair band etc.

4. Training Drop Off

Players should not enter the Leisure Centre/Sports Hall/Outside Court until they have been temperature checked.

This will either be completed by a Coach/Parent Helper outside the venue or by using the venue's own temperature check scanner.

INDOOR COURTS - No parents are permitted to escort their daughters into the Leisure Centre/Sports Hall or watch training, unless they are helping in a session.

OUTDOOR COURTS - No parents are allowed on court unless they are helping at a session. You are permitted to watch through the fencing as long as you are following the social distancing rules as there may be other parents around.