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I would highly recommend that when you first create an account for Teamstuff you do it from a PC or Laptop NOT from a mobile.
It is easier to see and you get more commands available to you.

Please click on the appropriate link:

Links to get you up and running on Teamstuff

U11 https://teamstuff.com/join/magnet-u11-squad-202/dec6613c

U12 https://teamstuff.com/join/magnet-u12-squad-202/72d7d0ca

U13 https://teamstuff.com/join/magnet-u13-squad-202/5f0a7095

U14 https://teamstuff.com/join/magnet-u14-squad-202/18c90453

U16 U19 https://teamstuff.com/join/magnet-u19-regional/76fc71cd

U19 MDNL https://teamstuff.com/join/magnet-u19-mdnl-squa/951735a3


This is the way forward for the majority of communication between coaches and parents for training and match details and will need to be downloaded, checked and actioned regularly.

All training sessions will be listed, and the app should be used to update your daughter’s availability. Please note that if she is listed as ‘coming’ on Teamstuff for either matches or training, we expect her to attend.

Any sessions or games you mark as not coming or maybe, MUST give a reason please.

Please update availability for the current term with availability. If you are unsure or unavailable a reason helps us plan better, especially if it is something we can help with such as transport issues. If it is not updated your daughter can not be considered for selection which will often now be planned some weeks ahead.

Prior to matches, squads will be confirmed along with match time, location, time of arrival and length of match, subs and anything extra needed.

Coming = selected

Not coming = player not available

Rostered off = not selected (this is Teamstuff’s wording not ours)