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COVID-19 - Road Map Current Status

England Netball is currently at STAGE 4B

On 26th September, Stage 4b of the Roadmap was unlocked. At this point leagues and competition, using the modifications, are able to recommence, allowing planning time for league organisations and a vital window for pre-season player conditioning.

You can learn more about the Current England Netball Road Map using this link.

For the Magnet Netball Club COVID-19 Training Procedures please CLICK HERE

COVID-19 Safeguarding Guidance

England Netball is implementing temporary changes to the safeguarding training required for roles in Netball. This decision has been made in light of the suspension of Netball activity and social distancing measures in place due to the current health crisis. For more details please use the following link CLICK HERE

The Role of the COVID-19 Officer and the Netball Organisations

All New Starters and Existing Players

All New Starters and Existing Players are required to read/watch the following documentation:


Understanding the Risk of netball during COVID-19 and Modified rules (Video 6.52mins)

We’re delighted to share our first video on the Stage 4 modified rules. Join Gary Burgess and Serena Guthrie as they answer some of the common questions we've been receiving from the Netball Family. CLICK HERE

Stage 4 COVID-19 Care Package - includes Rule Modification, Risk Mitigation and Player's Responsibility

Stage 4a UNLOCKED - includes 'Modified Rules Explanation'

Modified Rules Q & A Sept 2020

Please find below other COVID-19 information provided for your safety:

Personal Risk Assessment

Magnet Outdoor Risk Assessment

Magnet Indoor Risk Assessment

Test and Trace Protocol

My daughter has COVID-19 - what should, I do?

Here is a FAQ link that is constantly being added that hopefully will answer any queries you'll have https://englandnetball.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/categories/360002717259-COVID-19-