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Sports First Aid Course for Coaches

Date 13 Oct 2018, 7:30am
Venue Cookham Dean Cricket Club, Ricketts Field, Whyteladyes Lane, Cookham SL6 9LF
Contact Jayne Haines


Dear all,

the First Aid course is confirmed:

I have tried to make the time effective so this is really just a Saturday morning and not an all day event. So sorry about the early start, we can drink lots of coffee.

The cost of this course is £45 - Sally has confirmed that Club Coaches pay £20 and the club will pay the £25 for us. Please bring along you money on the day. 

If anyone fills the gap who is not a club coach then they have to pay the full £45.

I have the following people attending: 

1) Lesley Palmer
2) Annette Allanson
3) Julie MacGregor
4) Sally Gray
5) Sue Finlay
6) Tracy Pegg
7) Bev Goodman
8) Rachael McMaster
9) Marie Shepheard
10) Marina Bowles
11) Jayne Haines
12) ???a space if you want it contact me asap

ACTION: if you are now not available or do not need this course please advise me ASAP. In all other cases the only thing you need to do is turn up at the cricket club at 07.30 on Saturday 13th October, with £20 and be ready to learn about first aid.


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