A Club for the Community



England Netball offer players yearly Membership packages.

Being a Member is a requirement to play in most competition based leagues and tournaments.

When you join as an individual you get a package of benefits and the ability to connect with over 1 1 million netballers across England.

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This summer the insurance process for England Netball has made a dynamic change.

The word AFFILIATION has been dropped and is now known as: MEMBERSHIP.

The new membership system is called ENgage

What does this mean to a club?

Individual Netball Clubs no longer need to affiliate (insure) its members, as it is now the responsibility of the parent or an individual over 18 years old to complete themselves.

What does this mean to a parent/player?

Each parent of a minor will now need to create an account for themselves and their child(ren).

Individuals over the age of 18 will be able to create an account for themselves.

When you join you will be given a unique'Membership ID Number' which can be used for the rest of your netball career. Therefore you would use the same number even if you changed clubs.