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Junior Session Fees

Junior Session Fees

Training session fees are paid directly to the Magnet Leisure Centre.

They are set termly (3 terms a year) and are paid in advance of the start date of the course.

A two week Priority Period is given to all existing members three weeks in advance of the new term start date.

Payment should be made within the two weeks Priority Period to guarantee training is continued.


Current training costs are:

Weekly, 1 hour session fees are £4.30 with an Advantage Card
£5.76 without an Advantage Card

If you do not live in the Royal Borough you can purchase, for a modest yearly fee (currently £9.25), a BLUE ADVANTAGE CARD which will then give you certain benefits of the normal YELLOW ADVANTAGE CARD and reduce your term fees to the price of the YELLOW ADVANTAGE CARD HOLDER.

Link to information on Advantage Cards